Ages four to six years old:

Ritter’s Family Martial ArtsIn this spirited class, children learn social skills as well as self-defense. In a positive upbeat atmosphere, they learn to aim high and strive for their best as they progress through belt ranks. Cooperative teamwork and respectful attitudes are developed as they develop new skills and work toward goals. Kinders attend one class a week (several classes are offered to choose from). Periodically, the school holds a Kinder Tournament where they proudly demonstrate their skills to family and friends.

Why Kids Love Learning Martial Arts

Maybe it’s because there are no bench-warmers in our classes – every child participates in every activity – nobody’s left out. Maybe it’s because they meet new friends in class who share a common interest. Maybe it’s because they’re setting goals and working to reach them, and that makes them feel good about themselves. Or perhaps, it’s the personal attention of our instructors who are specialists in keeping kids interested, engaged and having fun! Children learn how to reach their full potential through our confidence building martial arts programs. Caring instructors provide the expert training in a fun and safe environment to produce positive results.

Building Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem in a Social Environment

Your child, any child, can be shy, hesitant or introverted. It’s often a natural part of growing. Martial arts is one activity that will help your child develop into a whole person. Its lessons in confidence building, self-control and concentration unlock your child’s potential and create a better balance of behaviors. Our professional instructors combine physical activity, fun and important life lessons to help your child to be neither too shy nor too aggressive; to know when to be hesitant and when to be decisive; and to transform introversion into focused thinking.

Your Child Will “Learn to Earn”

In today’s world of immediate gratification, it’s getting harder to teach children the value of working towards goals and the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. Our Kinder program focuses on reinforcing traditional martial arts values such as trying your best and never giving up when things aren’t going your way. Our students take pride in their work and achieve their belts the old fashion way. They earn them!

A Jesuit motto states, “Give me a child until the age of seven and I will give you the adult.” Many psychological studies have borne out this observation that children who develop in unstructured or chaotic environments continue to be unstructured and lack focus in later life. The development of confidence, self-esteem and mental toughness are skills that are best learned at an early age. Your child can progressively develop these skills in a controlled environment, or perhaps, learn these skills ‘in a moment of truth.’ Are you willing to roll the dice?

What Makes Martial Arts Different From School Sponsored Activities?

Many of the benefits of a martial arts program can be achieved by involvement in other school sponsored activities such as peewee football, T-ball or soccer. The disadvantages are that these are seasonal activities and continuity is lost once the season ends. Martial arts stresses on individual development and improvement, as well as team cooperation. The continuity and continued involvement in a program that is ongoing all year round provides the stability of routine and focus on known objectives that the student can achieve and demonstrate to themselves and others. Students progress through the belt ranks and are able to mark their progress with each rank obtained. This is difficult to do in many team sports where an individual’s perception of their self-improvement can be at the whimsy of their peers. This can leave a child without focus and lessen their self-confidence which usually culminates in their dropping out of the sport, altogether. The emphasis, in martial arts, is on the steady progress and commitment toward known objectives. Step by step mastery of the requirements to achieve the next belt rank teaches persistence and develops focus – all in a positive upbeat social environment. Your youngsters won’t even know they’re learning these other skills, but you will.

Class Schedule


Ages: 4,5 & 6

5:00 PM – 5:45 PM

Ages: 4,5 & 6

5:00 PM – 5:45 PM


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