Ages 7 to 14 years old: Ritter’s Family Martial ArtsYouth karate Classes are divided by belt rank into beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. From the beginning, children are encouraged and praised in a positive way, and they quickly become self-motivating as they develop self-discipline, self-control, confidence, self-esteem, and responsibility. Respect is highly stressed and students quickly learn to respond with “Yes sir!” and “Yes ma’am!” Along with Karate self-defense skills, youth students learn Japanese terminology, history, and the background of their “Ryu” or style. Students are expected to keep their grades up in school and behave responsibly and respectfully everywhere they go. Youth who test for black belt before age 16 earn the rank of Junior Black Belt. When they reach the age of 16, they are eligible for an Adult Black Belt. Youth move into the adult classes when they are ready emotionally and behaviorally. This usually happens around 14 but some are ready sooner and a few later.

Prepared for Life

Traditional Karate will teach the whole person – body, mind and spirit. It is also a great physical exercise and self-defense training. He/she will develop mental toughness along with better concentration and discipline. Their spirit will grow stronger; improving self-confidence and self-esteem. Our curriculum is age-appropriate; our instructors are professionals; and our youth programs are great fun. Independent studies show that today’s martial arts students get better grades, get in less trouble and are more motivated and disciplined than your average kids. Our school can make a positive difference in your child’s life, just ask any parent who has a child enrolled in our program – we teach so much more than self-defense. Call us today and watch your child stand out from the crowd. Some of the benefits of a well-rounded martial arts program are:

  • They Develop Self-Confidence and Stay in Control in Stressful Situations.
  • They’re More Disciplined and Self-Motivated.
  • They’re Coordinated and Healthy.
  • They Learn to Follow Directions and Integrate Thought and Action.
  • They’re Characterized by Good Grades and Have Become Excellent Students.
  • They’re Well Behaved, They Stay in School and Out of Trouble.
  • They Learn Respect for Others and Social Cooperation.

What Makes Martial Arts Different From School Sponsored Activities?

Many of the benefits of a martial arts program can be achieved by involvement in other school sponsored activities such as football, baseball or soccer. The disadvantages are that these are seasonal activities and continuity is lost once the season ends. Also, there is a tendency to do what is best for the team and therefore the more developed players receive the attention and playing time. How can a child develop confidence and self-esteem if they are sitting on the bench the whole season? Martial arts stresses individual development and improvement, as well as, team cooperation. We are all aware that during adolescence, individuals develop mentally and physically at widely varying rates and that the once awkward youth can suddenly develop into a “star player” (Unfortunately, this is more the exception rather than the rule). The continuity and continued involvement in a program that is ongoing all year round provides the stability of routine and focus on known objectives that the student can achieve and demonstrate to themselves and others. Students progress through the belt ranks and are able to mark their progress with each rank obtained. This is difficult to do in many team sports where an individual’s perception of their self-improvement can be at the whimsy of their peers. This can leave a youth without focus and lessen their self-confidence, which usually culminates in their dropping out of the sport, altogether. In addition to being an alternative to a standard sports program, martial arts is an excellent off-season conditioning program. An individual will continue to develop physically and develop the skills to remain focused on objectives that are required to grow in any sport.

Stop The Bullying

More than 5.7 million American children are estimated to be a bully, a target of a bully or both! Martial arts is the solution for bullies because it channels their aggressiveness and anger into a healthful physical activity, discipline and a positive attitude. Martial arts is the solution for bullied children because it replaces their insecurity and low self-esteem with confidence and a greater self-worth. Responsible parents encourage martial arts because it provides their children with the skills and attitude to stop bullying before it starts.

Not All Martial Arts Schools Are Created Equal

Everyone at the Dojo is treated as an individual and is taught with patience and respect. We are not a martial arts franchise where the business owner never shows their face and the instruction is left to rapid turn-over employees. This is our lives, as well as our livelihood!

Class Schedule


Blue, Green &

Purple Belts

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM




All Ages / All Belts

10:00 – 11:00 AM


All Ages / All Belts

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM


All Ages / White, Yellow & Orange Belts

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Blue, Green & Purple Belts

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM



Red, Brown &

Black  Belts

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM



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